About us

István Váradi

Welcome to our website, I am István Váradi, owner of Vandor Outdoor.

Our stress level has dramatically risen as a result of our rushing lifestyle; getting exhausted both mentally and physically is an everyday issue. After a tough week at work, we just go to bed and even after more hours of sleep we feel like having slept nothing. Sleeping cannot beat this kind of fatigue; it can’t be cured by simply doing nothing on a weekend. About 20 years ago, when I started to feel these symptoms, I decided to do something against it. I realized that from time to time I needed to get away from the ordinary and tiring everyday routines to refresh. Touring seemed to be an obvious   solution, which I considered just a kind of hobby at that time, however, I immediately felt that it could help others as well to recover from the exhaustion caused by everyday stress. Therefore, in Hungary I was one of the firsts who chose to be a professional tour leader. Since then it has become my mission.

With the establishment of Vandor Outdoor my aim was to provide a real, active way of recreation for those who sometimes want to escape from the rushing world of cities and want to refresh in nature. We organize canoeing, biking and hiking tours in flexible or fixed times at various levels. Furthermore, we provide professional equipment for all these.

Our residence is situated in the Eastern part of Hungary, on the Szatmar Plain, in the town of Fehérgyarmat, which is located in the center of the most beautiful protected areas (landscape parks) near the mountains of the neighboring countries.